The Big Borneo

Kalimantan, or often called Borneo is a large island in Indonesia,  located in the heart of Southeast Asia Indonesia is the owner  Borneo. This island is a part of three different countries. Most of Borneo belongs to Indonesia, while the north side is part of Malaysia. Even on the north coast again there is one area that is a separate country, Brunei. Borneo in general has a beautiful and very rich rainforests offer a dynamic experience for the tourists. Although some  regions of Borneo  are difficult to reach because of the only  tool of transportation  is the river, making these places preserved their natural beauty.

Borneo - a name that evokes the imagination going wild and mysteries hidden deep in the woods. Unlike most islands in Southeast Asia began to fill the human population and development experience in the last few decades, it has proved difficult Borneo natives explored except by the brave and adventurous.

Not Just About money

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