Cheap Travel to Solo, Train and Bus Transportation

Although not as popular as Bali,  Surakarta or Solo still has its own charm that attract travelers to come and visit this city.  And if you are one of them, then you do not have to be afraid of transportation to get to Solo, while in Solo or when you want to leave Solo. You can choose the transportation of air or overland, by bus or train from Jakarta, Surabaya or Yogjakarta.

Trains regularly operate between Jakarta to Solo and the journey takes between 11-12 hours. The main railway station named Solo Balapan Station which is the station for the train departure and Executive Business Class and located adjacent to the bus terminal Tirtonadi, something rarely found in Indonesia. For a night bus trip from Jakarta to Solo takes about 12 hours and ticket prices around Rp.200.000 (21 USD).
Indonesia Railway Company KAI via the official website has provided convenience to check the price list train ticket fare, schedule and online ticket ordering KAI more for you by going to the official website of the KAI. All the information you can access easily just by filling out simple forms fields. You can choose some of Jakarta Solo Railways, Railway "ARGO DWIPANGGA" Jakarta Gambir Station with ticket prices Rp.340.000 (USD 35) or Railway "SENJA UTAMA SOLO" Jakarta  Senen Station with a ticket price of 200.000 (21 USD). They are all cheap enough.

Whereas if you can travel from Yogyakarta to Solo by bus takes about 1 hour.

Solo  is a crossings  city of Yogyakarta, Surabaya. From Yogyakarta, Solo is located about 65 km south-east, while from Surabaya, Solo City is located approximately 285 kilometers west. Than any other major city, from Semarang, Solo is located about 100 kilometers southeast direction. To go from the airport, terminal, or station, you can take a city bus, public transportation, taxi, or horse cart to get to the city center to visit Kraton Surakarta.

Solo, is a city of  culture in Java. If you  travel to this city you will see so many interesting place that make Solo different from other city.  Surakarta also has many royal events, festivals and exhibitions on offer. The two most important such events are the Bengawan Solo Fair (BSF) and the Sekaten. It is annual event, a ritual to remove evil and restore balance in life.

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