Hollywood actor, Richard Gere will Promote For Indonesia's Tourism

Famous Hollywood actor, Richard Gere, finally  become Indonesia's tourism ambassador. His reputation as  Hollywood actors would be very effective to help the promotion of tourism in Indonesia. As noted Indonesia's Tourism Minister, Richard Gere appointment comes after he expressed willingness.He  visit to Indonesia, Borobudur and Bali, several days before, the government of Indonesia has asked  the Golden Globe Award-winning actor about the government offer.  Richard Gere welcomes requests the Minister and even he was deeply admire the natural beauty of Indonesia as well as hospitality of its people.

Richard Gere is expected to promote tourism in Indonesia, informing the world that Indonesia is a beautiful and safe place to visit Gere appointment as tourism ambassador, because it is very potential star opposite Julia Roberts in the movie Pretty Woman is classified as a senior actor and who has influence in the Hollywood film industry.

The actor who starred in the movie Hachiko was considered biased managed a tourism ambassador to promote Indonesia. What about Indonesia presented Richard Gere impact would be immense .. Moreover, he also planned to make a film about Borobudur.
The minister added that in the future it will raise important world leaders in attendance to Indonesia as a tourism ambassador. This was done as a way to promote Indonesia to the world.

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