The Most Beaufitul Beach In Yogyakarta

It is undeniable, Parangtritis Beach is the best beach in Yogyakarta. The beach is located on the south coast of Java Island. It is famous as a tourist destination in Yogya. Both domestic and foreign travelers who come to Yogyakarta will always visit Parangtritis Beach. Parangtritis is one of the iconic sights of Yogyakarta Province’s tourism object.

The name of Parangtritis has an interesting history. It is said that there is a fugitive from the Kingdom of Majapahit, Dipokusumo. He made meditation in the beach. During his meditation, he saw water dripping (Tumaritis) from reefs (parang). Then he gave the name of the area Parangtritis which means the water that drips from the rock.

Parangtritis is not as beautiful as Kuta or Sanur Beach in Bali. However, this beach has its own appeal so every weekend or holiday season, Parangtritis always visited by so many tourists.
Fine grains of sand that fluttered by the wind will welcome you, once you step on the beach. Rows of rocky hills and cliffs is the beautifull sight at the western end of the beach. While on the East side there Parangkusumo Beach, Gumuk Pasir (hill of sand), the end of Opak river, Depok Beach, and some other beaches. Rows of beach and cliffs can be enjoyed with just one package of Parangtritis. You just pay for one ticket. Of course this is another advantage for the tourists when visiting Parangtritis.

Do you like adventure? If you do, you can try paragliding from the height of the cliffs on the west side. Fly high above the sea with a view of the blue sky. You will get the charm of natural beauty. You can also try the sport that not less extreme, that is rock climbing. Parangndog cliffs offer climbing sensation with beautiful sea views stretching when you've reached the top. It will be unforgettable moment for you.

If you choose feel relaxed, you can play the surf and building sand castles on the beach. But the one that you should avoid, do not ever play in the waves, waves of Parangtritis is quite dangerous. While playing the surf and sand, you can taste typical snacks Yogyakarta, “peyek jingking”.
Walking along the shore until far into the West could also be another option. You will find exotic scenery in the form of a row of dunes that resemble sand-dune desert in the Middle East. If you want to try other sensations, you can hire a “bendi” or hansom cab (horse carriage) in Parangtritis.

The view on the beach will look more beautiful at sunset. Color was bright blue sky slowly turned into a golden orange or red. The sun was getting dimmer and went down, then disappeared. At dusk as this is usually the most awaited moment by tourists and photographers to take pictures.

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