Tawangmangu, Enjoys Your Travel on Cold Temperatures In Tropical Country

In West Java there’s Puncak, while Central Java has Tawangmangu, a tourist resort known for its cool climate. Perched on the western slope of Mount Lawu at an altitude of 3,265 meters, Traveller can  enjoy the cold temperatures of between 22 and 31 degrees Celsius..

Since the Dutch colonial era Tawangmangu has become a tour. Tourists can reach Tawangmangu by public transportation for about an hour from the city of Surakarta (Solo). Actually, Tawangmangu is a district in Karanganyar regency, Central Java. Tawangmangu known as a tourist attraction in the mountains of the western slopes of Mount Lawu. The main object for  tourist destination  is Grojogan Sewu waterfall (81 m high). In this resort there are various supporting facilities like swimming pools and various forms of lodging. From Tawangmangu you can begin the climb to the summit of Mount Lawu (Post Cemorokandang). Moreover, from here there is the pass that led to the passing Sarangan in Magetan Cemorosewu.

You must not worry about accomodation in Tawangmangu, because it  has some hotel choices for visitors. There are  44 hotels  from the star-rated hotel to more modest accommodation, with the range of price from Rp 25,000 ($ 2,6) to Rp 300,000 ($ 31) per night. What’s a price!

Tawangmangu is at mountain fertile area surrounded by forests and hills. However, this small town has been known up to foreign countries because this region is a tourism object suitable to be selected  on tour series.

It is the best place for local tourist who look for place  to escape the heat and enjoy a relaxing holiday. because Tawangmangu offers a perfect retreat, perched on the slopes of Mount Lawu.  Tawangmangu promises a cool time for all traveller.  If you travel to the resort area, you will find that there are much more to Tawangmangu than the cool climate. You can explore this areas natural attractions, its traditional rituals and its special delicacies for your culinary satisfaction.

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