Foreign Tourist Visit To Indonesia

Until May 2012 the number of foreign tourists visiting Indonesia reached 3,180,779. An increase of 8.81% compared to the same periode last year. With the amount of that figure is likely to reach the target of tourist arrivals to Indonesia in 2012 saved  8 million tourist  will be fulfilled.
Enjoy Old Scene

 Ngurah Rai Airport, Bali is a main gateway of foreign tourists by the number 220.508. Cumulatively from January to May 2012 tourists coming through the airport as much as 1.125, 003. While the second entrance Soekarno-Hatta Airport, Jakarta, as many as 185,932 tourists or a growth of 23.62%.
The opening of Garuda Indonesia flight to Denpasar-Haneda route since April 2012 when the Japanese economy has recovered from the tsunami and nuclear power plant accidents, contributing significant numbers.

Based on the country of origin of foreign tourists of foreign tourists visiting Indonesia through the main entrance on 19th May 2012 in the biggest came from Malaysia (108 176), Singapore (99,676), Australia (71,640), China (43,457) and Japan (30,791).
Data in May 2012 stated that foreign tourists totaled 650.883 foreign tourists came, 8:45% rise as compared to last month 626.100 tourists. Ngurah Rai, Bali is still the main gate with the number of foreign tourist arrivals 220.508 tourists, and cumulatively from January to May 2012 tourists coming through the airport as much as 1,125, 003 tourists grew 5.6%. While the second entrance Soekarno-Hatta, Jakarta, as many as 185,932 tourists or a growth of 23.62%.

While countries that have problems with the global economic crisis the United State of America  and EU, there are still encouraging growth. The growth of tourists from the United States was 11.3% in May and 26% during the January-May to reach 81 197. Especially for Germany and the UK still have pretty good growth respectively 11.6% and 14.2% to reach 54 248 and 77 049 tourists.
Happy holidays in Indonesia, hopefully you will be a more healthy you traveled

Tips to Minimize The Danger on The Beach

Going to the beach is fun, but what happens  we got something wrong with skin. Blackened by sun can not be avoided, but at least we can minimize and protect the skin to stay healthy. There are some tips for you to minimize that risk.
Not Deadly Indonesia Jellyfish

The Sun
Before exposure to the sun's rays on the beach, use a sunscreen cream. Choose a cream that can counteract UVA and UVB rays with a minimum SPF 30 and anti-water. Use cream for face and body.

However, if your skin is already burnt, then just use the After Sun Cooling Gel which usually contains aloe vera extract. Burned skin characterized by redness, peeling, and stinging.

For first aid can pour cold milk into the burned part. Another option is aloe vera that has been cooled. Then compress the burned skin with aloe vera.

Jellyfish Stings is not deadly, especially jellyfish in the Indonesia sea. However, be alert for some areas and countries are kind of jellyfish - the kind of deadly jellyfish, the box jellyfish commonly found in Australian waters.

 The part that stung will feel itchy and hot. Chest feel tightened momentarily  and you will something wrong with your stomach. The part that stung should not be watered with fresh water as mineral water or ice water. Do not rub also, it only cause jellyfish tentacles  increasingly spread. Expose your body in the blazing sun and apply something that makes the skin hot as chili or ginger.

Another way is to squirt vinegar and lime juice. Remove the remaining tentacles.You can drink hot water or hot tea to reduce tightness.

Derawan Sail 2013

Next year, the annual agenda marine tourismwill be held in the island of Derawan, Berau, EastKalimantan. Derawan Sail tourism agenda in 2013 certainly will be different from previous similar programs.

Sail Derawan willbegin in June 2013. Sail Derawan In 2013, there was planfor the world record-breaking dive by the old divers. Sail Derawan Committee willbreak the world record for the most number of diversover the age of 50 years.There will be  500 divers will create a new world record. Prepare yourself if you want to join that program.

There will be another event, that is not less interesting,  that’s the underwater photography tournament. Just for you know, there are plenty of fish and coral on the island Derawan. Tourists will be able to see how many colorfulslugs (nudibranchs) , udang – udangan (crustacea). Various kinds of corals and fish can be easily photographed by divers.

Green Turtle in Derawan Island

A tourist from America shouted  joyfully. From the top of a rented boat, he sees a lot of turtlesswimming around the boat. Around Maratua Island sea, one of the islands in the Derawan archipelago is the place where green turtles live. Green sea turtles have the ability to migrateas far as 3000 kmor for 75 days.

Derawan Island offers plenty of objects to be enjoyed by the tourists. Sangalaki island near the island of Derawan, is habitat for green sea turtles. Sangalaki beach is wide, gently sloping, fine sandy and moist and easily dug up and away from the sea tideis suitable for turtlenesting. while the sea around the islandthere are many  grasslands sea  and coral reefs that are also the preferred environment for turtle life.