The Beauty of Three Waterfalls in Yogyakarta

Yogyakarta is centre of Java culture. One of this special province in Indonesia  is a  is rich in tourist attractions. It has alot of  intersesting object of tourism. In three previous posts, we have discussed the Coast travel, Travel and Culture Jogja, this time we take a look at some other natural tourist destination.

The Waterfalls since ancient times humans have attracted  admiration. . The dynamic beauty of the water falling from a height has become an interesting object. The higher the fall of the water, the higher the value of a waterfall.

Surely, waterfalls in Yoga is not as good as waterfalls in  America which is a large waterfall on the Niagara River that were at the international border between the states of the United States, New York, with the provinces in Canada, Ontario. We know that, Niagara  waterfall is very wide and most popular in the world. Howerver waterfall in Yogyakarta retains the uniqueness that distinguishes the other waterfall, so that tourists who come to this City of Gudheg will take the time to visit and enjoy its beauty.

There are three beautiful waterfalls in Yogyakarta that you should visit.
1. Waterfall Sidoharjo
2.Waterfalls Grojogan Watu Jonggol
3.Waterfalls of Sri Gethuk

Let's Enjoy and Explore Wonderful Yogyakarta, and Keep Healthty on Your Travelling!

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