Mendut Temple, Magelang (Indonesia)

Mendut background is a Buddhist temple. This temple is situated in the village Mendut, Mungkid district, Magelang regency, Central Java, a few kilometers from the temple of Borobudur.

Mendut Temple
Mendut founded during the reign of King Indra of the dynasty dynasty. In the inscription which bertarikh Karangtengah 824 AD, stated that the king Indra has built a shrine named wenuwana which means bamboo forests. By a Dutch archaeologist named J.G. de Casparis, this word is associated with Mendut.

Temple Architecture

Mendut Temple
Building materials is actually a brick temple that was covered with natural stone. The building is located on a high basement, so it looks more elegant and sturdy. Climbed the stairs and the entrance facing south-west. In the basement there is a corridor that surrounds the temple. The roof is three-tiered and decorated with small stupas. Number of small stupas are built now are 48 pieces.

Decoration found in the form of ornate temples Mendut that criss-cross. Decorated with carvings of celestial beings and gods gandarwa apsaras or angel, two monkeys and an eagle.

On both sides of the stairs there are reliefs Pancatantra and Jataka stories.

Mendut Temple
The temple walls are decorated with reliefs of which Boddhisatwa Awalokiteswara, Maitreya, Wajrapāṇi and Manjusri. On the walls of the temple are reliefs kalpataru, two angels, Hariti (a yaksi who repent and then follow the Buddha) and Āţawaka.
Buddha in a position dharmacakramudra.

Inside the main temple there were three large Buddha statues: the Dhyani Buddha with attitude Wairocana hands (mudra) dharmacakramudra. In front of Buddha statues there are wheel-shaped relief and flanked by a pair of deer, the symbol of Buddha. On the left there is a statue Awalokiteswara (Padmapani) and the right of the statue Wajrapāņi. Now in front of Buddha statues, incense and incense placed baskets to donate. The visitors could light a incense and pray here. (Article: wikipedia) 

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