A Brief History of Borneo

India and China have a strong influence on Borneo long before Europeans arrived in Borneo. This is because the trade is done by two of the nation with the of Borneo people.
Around the year 1362 under the leadership of Majapahit prime minister Gajah Mada expand its power to the island of Borneo, ie countries: Kapuas-Katingan, Sampit, Ungga City, City Waringin, Sambas, Lawai, Kadandangan, Landa, Samadang, Tirem, Sedu, Barune, Kalka , Saludung, Solot, Sand, Barito, Sawaku, Tabalong, Cape Kutei and Malano remains the most important on the island Tanjungpura.

At the time of the Dutch East Indies, Kalimantan known as Borneo. This does not mean the name Borneo is not known. In letters Tamjidillah Prince of the Kingdom of Banjar in 1857 to the Dutch resident in the island of Borneo Banjarmasin he said, not the island of Borneo. It shows that among the population, Kalimantan name better known than the name of Borneo used in the Dutch East Indies colonial administration. Name Kalimantan again became popular in the years around 1940's in  United States of Indonesia era.

But it eventually colonize Europe and formed the province's modern history. In the early 17th century,
Kalimantan become an arena of conflict between Britain and the Netherlands, as if the Brit's growing pepper trade. That conflict culminated in the 1701 uprising, and the British were expelled six years later. In the 1820s Dutch Colonial has co ncluded an agreement with a small westcoast various countries, including parts of the Banjarmasin sultanate. In 1839 a private colony formation in Kuching, Sarawak, by James Brooke English, Dutch fears fueledto cement their commercial interests in Borneo. New coal mines in the South and
East Kalimantan quickly developed and the island gradually gained commercial
important. 1840's and 1850's brought some internal strife, culminating in war between the Dutch and the Banjarmasin sultanate in 1859. Dutch regained control after four years, but resistance continued until 1905

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