Nusa Tenggara Timur

Lombok has a full cultural diversity of Hindu Bali, Lombok and Sumbawa Islam, the majority of Catholic Flores as a legacy of the Portuguese, while Timor and Alor and Solor Archipelagos Protestant. On all the islands, animist rituals and traditions of the tribe continues aside, the temple tower and chapel, especially in rural areas. Although Indonesian is the unifying language, each major island has at least one native language, which is often divided into dialects.

Most diverse forms of land: fertile volcanic slopes and shimmering rice fields of West Lombok sharp contrast to the arid hillside Komodo and Sumba, which turned into a dusty brown at the end of a long season if you have a thirst for adventure or nature, or if you are surfing, snorkeling, hiking or diving, Nusa Tenggara opportunities are virtually endless. Of the dozens of volcanoes, cone Kelimutu - peak crowned by three different colored crater lake is extremely charming, despite towering Rinjani Lombok is much more challenging ascent. Cities and towns in this region are generally not places to linger long - with little excess smoke, heat, noise and urban grime - though they rarely threatening or dangerous.

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