Tarakan Mangrove Forest

Tarakan is a small island located in northern part of East Kalimantan Province . Surrounded by the sea and of course the beautiful mangrove forests. Tarakan government has a good program onconservation of mangroves, to create an area of mangrove forests into tourist object. Conservation of mangrove forest area of ​​21hectares in the city as a habitat for proboscis monkeys, and a variety of wild birds become one of destination of travelers.

Tarakan very concerned about the environment. This is proven by providing more than 30% of the total area of ​​protected areas namely the protection of the mangrove forest and land conservation. At the heart of the city there is a Mangrove Conservation and proboscis monkey Mangrove Forests in Tarakan has a 22 ha  on Jalan Gajah Mada with  widening the road of width approximately 20 meters. Initially it will only be the lungs of the city is growing.

In this forest there is a quarantine station to check the health of 25 rare ape called a proboscis monkey (Nasalis larvatus). Once the people of Bulungan, Tarakan and Malinau call it Dutch Monkey, because his nose aquiline blond color and weighs about 24-30 pounds. In the area of ​​22 ha, from 25 species of Mangrove and there are also 32 species of birds that live there. Visitors who come to it as if it was jungle wilderness, not urban areas. To the center of mangroves, there is a bridge built of ironwood with a width of 2 meters and a length of 1976.6 M in the middle of amazing mangrove trees. This conservation area has become popular as a place to visit are the government and travelers both domestically and abroad. Almost all visitors were very impressed to see the beauty of the region, including Environment Minister Mr. Rachmat Witoelar (2004-2009) and Gusti Muhammad Hatta (2009-2011), Minister Kaban KehutananMS, Msi (2004-2009), State Enterprises Minister Dahlan Iskan, The Changcuter, ADA Band, Brandon de Angelo IMB Trans TV, PANJI, Nadine Candrawinata and his twin brother (Marcel and Mischa Chandrawinata). It is  currently now being cultivated to add another 13 hectares of land for the expansion of mangrove conservation area. With an area of ​​22 ha of course many more animals that will harness the potential of such nature and as efforts to improve coastal ecosystems from ocean waves.
It is not difficult to visit the place on this one tourist attraction. From THM Simpang Tiga which is the heart of the city of Tarakan, you just need less than 5 minutes using public transportation. Or even you can just walk and enjoy the sightseeing.  Location of mangrove forest conservation area, adjacent to exactly one of the market complex Gusher business centers of Tarakan . While on the right side directly to the cold storage industrial area and port Tengkayu II.

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