Hotel in Derawan Island

There are some choices on accommodation in Derawan Island. With the price from  one million until the Rp. 400,000 (US $ 38) for so called a homestay, you can rent a house with your friends. Don’ you worry not to get place to stay, at least you can use  tent or you can stay in the homestay owner.

Inn Danakan is one of  good place to stay .This is the first inn in Derawan Island  with the long shape to the sea, so tourist can look and enjoy the beautiful of sunset or sunrise. And even you can also see the turtles just under the inn. It will be easier you want to go swimming. The building of Danakan Inn  was made of wood,  with simple rooms and bathrooms inside. Of course there’s air condition in it. Besides Danakan Inn, there a lot of place to stay now. You can choose Homestay Dira, Penginapan Pelangi, Derawan CafĂ© & Resort, Derawan Dive Lodge, Tasik Derawan, Derawan Lestari III, Derawan Lestari I & II. Penginapan HAMS and Yogie Mas with the lower price of rent tariff,  Rp.125.000  -  Rp.175.000/night ( $1 = Rp.9.500)

Or even you choose to stay in Tarakan if it is your route choise?!

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