Sukuh Temple - Central Java Temple

Sukuh is a Indu temple in Berjo Amleto, district Sukuh Ngargoyoso Karanganyar, Solo, Central Java. This is categorized as Indu temple temple for worship and Yoni Fallo object discovery. Temple is classified così controversial because of me because I and the less frequently. Many of the objects, and the yoni symbolize sexuality Fallo Another thing that is unique, the shape of the temple looks like a Mayan pyramids of Central America. Worden suggested Sukuh UNESCO as a World Heritage Site since 1995.

Sukuh Temple
Sukuh Temple

A brief history of the discovery

Structure The Temple
Sukuh first temple was in the reign of the United Kingdom in 1815 by Java Johnson, Resident reports of Surakarta. Johnson was then commissioned by the Thomas Stanford Raffles to collect data in order to write his book La storia Tues Java. After passing the British government, in 1842, Van der makes Vlis, Dutch archaeologist research. The first restoration was begun in 1928. (Wikipedia)
Tappe temple floor
Impression is gained from this very different from the temple and the main temples namely Borobudur in Central Java Anders received Prambanan. To format di pasta Sukuh relics be similar to-cultura Maya in Messico or Peru Inca heritage. This reminds un struttura the forms of the pyramids in Egypt.

Impression of simplicity attracted the attention of archaeologists termashyur Olanda, WF Stutterheim, in 1930. He tried ghiaccio by explaining three arguments. First, the. Not a possibility sculptor Sukuh bricklayer, carpenter but a village and not from the palace Both Incolla a bit hasty, così that less neatly made. Thirdly, political Situazione at this time before the collapse of the Majapahit, così is possible that it is not a great and creative Prachtige Incolla.

The visitors, who entered the main door and enter the door you will see the most distinctive architectural forms, which are not listed, but slightly tilted upright, trapezoidal with a roof on it.

Rocce the temple is easily dyed reddish because the stones used is a kind of andesites.

Tappe temple floor
On the first terrace is a main gate. At the gate, a Java Sangkala is in the language that reads blind arches Abara wong. This means that in the Indonesian language, the "gate of the huge human prey." These words have meaning 9, 5, 3 and 1 If then reversed year, receives 1359 Saka or 1437 AD.

Sukuh Temple Relief
Sukuh Temple Relif I
Porta is damaged on the second terrace. On the side of the right and collegamenti gate, or the normally sculpture Dwarapala bouncer is included, it was also found in a bad state and is no longer amorfo. Archway that was not covered and the porch guerra not found many statues. Is this still a goal in candrasangkala is also available in the Java language, which reads WIKU anahut coda elephants. This means that the language is Indonesian "elephant tail biting priest". These words have meaning 8, 7, 3 and 1 Conversely, if he or acquired in 1378 Saka 1456 dC. If the numbers are correct, then there is a difference of veloce twenty years, with the first gate on the porch!
On the terrace there is a Third Great courtyard with the main temple and a conscience as well as the relief statues left the right on the page. If visitors want to come this holy un Incolla, the stone staircase had relatively higher than previously passed the stone steps. Moreover, it is also narrow aisle. It is said that the architecture produced in this way on purpose. Since the main temple is similar to the shape of the vagina, is designed according to some experts, the virginity testing of girls. According to the story, when a girl is climbing a virgin, and will bleed tear the hymen. But if he lost not a virgin, così that if springboard steps the substance and to wear torn.

Just above the main temple in the middle of a place is, the place like a Deal asked legittimo. There are traces of incense, incense and incense is burned, it looks così all common worship for.
Then on the left side of the main temple there are a number of relievi representing morire important as the history and mythology Sukuh canzone relief Sudamala Worden identified. Is how the process follows relievi.

Relif Temple

Sukuh Temple Relief
Sukuh Temple Relif II
Relif On the left side or the Sahadewa Sahadev represented twins Nakula and is the youngest of the five Pandava. Both are sons of King Pandu Madrim, second wife. Madrim died as a Tipo Nakul and Sahadev guerra, and piano cottura Both Dewi Kunti, wife of Pandu Primary. Dewi Kunti then with three foster sons of Pandu. Yudhisthira, Bhima and Arjuna Relief shows perched Sahadev Das, followed by one or by a clown bridesmaid. Faced with a heroine Sadewa terlihatlah the Goddess Durga, which is also accompanied by a clown.

 A part from the main temple and statues of turtles and eagle relievi, they also found some animal shaped sculptures feral (wild boar) and saddled elephants. In the old days of knights and nobles berwahana elephants.

Then there are the two buildings berelief horseshoe human figures in Him, right next to the suspect and each other. Some argue that this relief symbolizes the womb of a woman, and the man left Figura symbolizes symbolizes the evil and the rights mano virtue. But it is not clear così.

Then there is a small building in front of the main temple as the temple pewara. In the middle of the building is hollow and there is a small Statua headless. This sculpture indossare any reason given spesso do is sacred.

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