Maratua Island in Berau

Maratua  island has an area of ​​2375.70 ha which is the outer islands which has extraordinary nature and for divers, the island is known as "The Big Fish County" because a bunch of sharks and barracudas, as well as whales and various species of ornamental fish can easily be found in the waters of the island that has  Maratua this village.

In these attractions can be enjoyed beauty of the coral reefs that is unmatched, the largest turtle nesting places in Southeast Asia, panoramic sunrise and sunset is very beautiful, and the traditional life of the Bajau and typical forest along the atoll.

This island can be found in tourist facilities and services such as accommodation Maratua Paradise Dive Resort, Nabucco, and Partners East Kalimantan. In addition to tourists who want to interact with nature and the surrounding communities, offer package tours run by local community groups in four villages along with NGOs Bestari in Community-Based Ecotourism Program. Travelers can stay in local homes (homestay), enjoy a unique culinary Bajau community and visitors will be invited to venture into every corner of the island and see the lives of fishing communities Maratua Island with local tour guides who are trained and experienced.

There are 30 home-transit, culinary 3 groups and 20 local tour guides are spread over the four villages are ready at any time to serve the wishes of visitors Through this program, the tourists can contribute directly to the local communities in development programs and the preservation of their environment developed.

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