Sambaliung Islamic Sultanate of Old Berau

Witness the beauty of the sun set behind the mountains in the village of Long Ayap, Segah river upstream. A village in the remote area of Berau. Like the other villages in the remote area, we will witness the beauty of nature in its original form. We will never forget this experience if you come and see the authenticity of the natural in land Dayak tribes of Borneo once.

Gunung Tabur Palace

Located 120s  km from Tanjung Redep,  the capital of Berau Regency is another option offered in Berau, East Kalimantan, in addition to the beauty of the island Derawan . When you have come on the island Derawan,  it is bad if  you do not visit another interesting place.

As an old city,  Berau also has the potential on historical tours. We can follow the historical heritage of the city in past time by visiting the Royal Palace and Museum Sambaliung.  Just for you know, the kingdom of  Sambaliung is Islamic sultanate. Traces historical royal heritage Sambaliung with the last king Sultan M. Aminuddin (1902-1959). This place has a unique collection that is on the front page of two poles carved ironwood Bugis original script which is believed to be relics of the followers of Raja Alam from Bugis Wajo derivatives. According to the museum guard, characters that form the rules when the people across the palace.

Faced with Sambaliung palace, split by the River Berau, longitudinal Istana Gunung Tabur. The place can be reached in about 20 minutes over the bridge Segah or three minutes if you choose this ketinting ride, known as the Museum of Batiwakkal. Here are stored in the form of around 700 precious collection of historical objects, ceramics, objects of archaeological, ethnographic, and manuscripts. The museum was built in 1990 and inaugurated in 1992. The visitors can also see the palace residence of Princess Gunung Tabur.

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