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Tarakan The New Singapore Of Indonesia

Tarakan is just a little island, a city which located near Sabah, Malaysia frontier. At Second World War between Japan armies and Australian army, 235 Australian armies died at the battle. In Tarakan there is Australian army cenotaph in location, which is become a military complex. This cenotaph is built in memory of coping to die Australian army to free Tarakan from Japan occupying. In other location there is Japan grave residing in ex Japan bunker in hilly area. About 4 Km from the downtown, in Masjid Markoni Street Gang III there is  Monument that built in 1933. This monument is square equipped with article Kanji and is place of obsequies the dying Japanese corpse.

Tarakan City is one of four local government status as the 'City' in the province of East Kalimantan with Samarinda, Bontang and Balikpapan. As the 17th richest city in Indonesia, Tarakan have comitment to be The New Singapore , as the wish of President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono in his visit to this city several years ago. Currently Tarakan  continue to improve the facilities and infrastructure to be more easy and interesting places to visit for anyone who likes the uniqueness, beauty and peace. The rapid development of the city of  in the presence of various city facilities to show their existence as well as the development reference region's main gate in the northern region of East Kalimantan. The strategic position directed into city services and trade. It is inevitable that accessibility to the city of Tarakan is now even easier. Because the infrastructure supporting both through sea ports Malundung and Juata (ferry port) or through the International Airport Juata easily accessible. Air transportation can be done by using aircraft such as Srivijaya, Batavia, Lion, Kal Star Trigana and departing from the airport Sepinggan, in Singapore or get through airport Tawau - Malaysia by plane headed MASwings Juata airfield located in the city of Tarakan with the old flights of less than 1 (one) hour. It is included the  transport within the city and various types of  hotels. Places of entertainment and recreation is easier to find Tarakan City. Make sure the plan and purpose of your trip to the city of Tarakan by sea or air. Discover the unique and characteristic Tarakan city as a city full of memories of past information including natural, historical and cultural tourist attraction. Tarakan city development has been offering a variety of tourist destinations should be a unique experience both the history and culture of the multicultural city of Tarakan and the natural environment on the island with a total 657.33 Km and total population in 2012 approximately 240,000 inhabitants. Explore the northern part of East Kalimantan and find out more in Tarakan City to start a new adventure and unforgetable experience.

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