Visiting Derawan Via Tarakan

There are hundreds of coral in Derawan region. It is a region that has the highest hard coral diversity in the world's  after Raja Ampat in Papua. Derawan also famous as the location where many green turtles (Chelonia mydas) and hawksbill (Eretmochelys imbricata), the largest in Indonesia.

This archipelago consists of severalislands, but most tourist destinationare Derawan Island, Island Sangalaki, Kakaban, NabuccoIsland, and Island Maratua. Perhaps only inDerawan, we can easily find that green turtleswere foraging swimat the beach. In Kakaban, the part of Derawan islands, we can swim withstingless jellyfish there. On a sunny day, if you're lucky, you can swim with stingrays,dolphins or evenyou can meet Whales.

There are no direct flights to get to this area. There are two  waysto go to Derawan;  through Tanjung Redeb or Tarakan Both can be achieved by a commercialflight from Jakarta and Surabaya, Balikpapan through. Well, from Tarakanand Tanjung Redeb, proceed with Speedboat. Comparedthrough Tanjung Redeb, the route via Tarakanis recommended because the distancebetween Airport Juwata, Tarakan and harborspeedboat is not too far away. Though the travelingTanjung Redep - Derawan relatively close to reach.

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