Derawan , The Most Beautiful Island in East Borneo

It is really like in paradise here. You are right, you are in tropical paradise Island now. You can feel the warm of atmosphere with a view of the beach of fine whitesand, palm trees swaying, the pure sea change color from green to dark blue. Underwater life hereis outstanding, you will find giant turtles, dolphins, manta rays, dugongs and barracudas, stingless jellyfish. SharkDerawan here is one of the world's biodiversity. Not surprisingly, Derawan island is known as the best diving in the world.

Derawan island is in Berau Regency not far from the main Island of Borneo.Itconsists of 31 islandsand the most famous of which is the island Derawan, Maratua, Sangalaki, and Kakaban. You can find  green turtles breeding rare and dangerous, as well as hawksbill. You can watch turtles lay eggs everyday in the sand or swim out to sea with the turtles. The entire marine conservation areais the extent of no less than 1.27 million hectares.

There are 460 species of corals and ranks second afterRaja Ampat in West Papua. Board konserfasiplace and team of international experts also found more than 870 species of fish here, ranging from dwarfseahorses to giant manta rays. Within a few days, this group of manta rays in large numbers around 50were seen dining togetherat the waters Derawan.

While in Kakaban, you can find jellyfishlake's largest and most diverse in the world, including four unique species of stingless jellyfish can swim upside down. This is the reasonwhy Kakaban considereda UNESCO WorldHeritage Site nomination.

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