Derawan Sail 2013

Next year, the annual agenda marine tourismwill be held in the island of Derawan, Berau, EastKalimantan. Derawan Sail tourism agenda in 2013 certainly will be different from previous similar programs.

Sail Derawan willbegin in June 2013. Sail Derawan In 2013, there was planfor the world record-breaking dive by the old divers. Sail Derawan Committee willbreak the world record for the most number of diversover the age of 50 years.There will be  500 divers will create a new world record. Prepare yourself if you want to join that program.

There will be another event, that is not less interesting,  that’s the underwater photography tournament. Just for you know, there are plenty of fish and coral on the island Derawan. Tourists will be able to see how many colorfulslugs (nudibranchs) , udang – udangan (crustacea). Various kinds of corals and fish can be easily photographed by divers.

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