Green Turtle in Derawan Island

A tourist from America shouted  joyfully. From the top of a rented boat, he sees a lot of turtlesswimming around the boat. Around Maratua Island sea, one of the islands in the Derawan archipelago is the place where green turtles live. Green sea turtles have the ability to migrateas far as 3000 kmor for 75 days.

Derawan Island offers plenty of objects to be enjoyed by the tourists. Sangalaki island near the island of Derawan, is habitat for green sea turtles. Sangalaki beach is wide, gently sloping, fine sandy and moist and easily dug up and away from the sea tideis suitable for turtlenesting. while the sea around the islandthere are many  grasslands sea  and coral reefs that are also the preferred environment for turtle life.

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