The Brazilian Legendary Band in Tenggarong, East Borneo

Sepultura,  will perform a concert back in Indonesia. This time, Tenggarong one district in East Borneo get lucky  to be the city where the first concert took place  for  Sepultura Concert on their tour plan to Indonesia. Spultura is strongly magnetic rock music  fans. So the audience is expected  that will come to this show  not only  from East Kalimantan or ather province of Indonesia, but also from nearby countries  like,  Malaysia and Brunei Darussalam and Singapore.
It is more interesting,  Sepultura concert in Tenggarong, Kutai, East Kalimantan is free. The audience does not need to spend money to watch their idol in action . The  Local governments of Tenggarong have to bear the costs to bring the rock band from Brazil  to entertain the citizens of Tenggarong, and surrounding areas
The stage,  18x16 meters and  160 thousand watt sound system that will be used  on Sepultura concert in Tenggarong, 9 November will have been ready soon.  Since yesterday, the organizers have started to bring all stage properties for the success of this concert

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