A Cheap Culinary Choice of Solo Typical Food

There are so many things we can explore  on our travel in Surakarta or Solo. Not only culture, or Batik , Solo also has a pretty good  culinary appeal.  In various corners of the city, you will easily find typical food of Solo that you might not find in other cities. And don’t ask the price! You will be able to taste it with just $ 1. We have a lot of choice in Solo,  so we do not have to worry about being able to enjoy the typical food of Solo though we're not carrying a lot of cash in our  wallet.

There are some typical food Solo viable for you to test, the first is tengkleng. Tengkleng nearly equal to the curry but tengkleng  more dilute because it does not use coconut milk. It is made ​​from goat meat, bones and jerohan (inner part). And you will get more pleasure when you enjoy it with your bare hands, or in the Java language "muluk" (eat without a spoon). You can find this in the typical food stall near the gate tengkleng Klewer Market.

Timlo this kind of soup that contains sliced ​​chicken, boiled noodles, boiled eggs, sliced ​​sausage solo and sometimes contains also sliced ​​mushroom (Auricularia polytricha) and carrot soup poured fresh nodes. These foods can be eaten just like that or eaten with rice.

Solo Liwet Rice 
Liwet Rice is a typical food of the most famous, it was savory and delicious. The uniqueness of liwet rice from Solo is the way of serve by  using  “pincuk” (plate of banana leaves) with fried chilli side dish, boiled egg yolk,  areh / kumut (egg white plus coconut milk), plus a side-dish of small diced  chicken meat , "bacem" egg, and jerohan. You can find it on roadside and eat with Lesehan way, during the morning the rice sellers will be ready on the alley of village at 5 early morning.

Sate Buntel
Sate buntel  is somewhat different from sate in general. This kind of Sate is made ​​from finely chopped goat meat, and secret spices typical sate buntel, then wrapped and given a layer of fat sheep, goat fat melts and penetrates into the baked goat meat, it would be more savory and delicious. Because the meat is used for wrapping sate is goat meat choice with the best quality and the correct cooking process typical goat smell rose does not smell anymore.

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