AirAsia Bhd will fly back to the route of Kuala Lumpur-Solo

There's a good news for traveller from Malaysia and Surakarta (Solo), Indonesia. Low-cost carrier AirAsia Bhd will fly back to the route of  Kuala Lumpur-Solo on December 21, 2012. Flight routes have been suspended in September 2012. Air Asia will fly from the International Airport Adi Soemarmo Solo to Kuala Lumpur International Airport three times a week. Air Asia has served more than 9 million passengers from Malaysia to Indonesia so far this year. The Malaysia company currently holds a 41.5 percent market share of the international passengers in Indonesia’s flight industry.
AirAsia will fly back to the route of KL - Solo

AirAsia Berhad CEO  considered that Indonesia is a very important market and offers a chance for AirAsia to develop. The closure of the Kuala Lumpur–Solo [Surakarta] route in was part of the process to improve [AirAsia’s] business model in Indonesia. Therefore the services and facilities will be improved.

Besides Singapore, Australia, and China, Malaysia is a major market for foreign tourists. This  direct flights from Kuala Lumpur – Solo and vice versa, will allow travelers to come visit Malaysia or Solo. And of course, Indonesian tourists can go on holiday to Malaysia easily. Malaysian tourists keen to come to Solo for several reasons, one of which is the cultural similarities between the two countries. Solo as one of the cultural city in Indonesia has special attractions to visit,  Kraton Surakarta.

The better cooperation is required between the two countries to further enhance the promotion tour for the second region. Given the number of foreign tourists who visit the two countries  recently. With the cooperation of good promotion, travelers who had been in the two areas will have more possibilities to continue their travel to Surakarta, Indonesia or Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

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