The Best Java Batik In The Old Kampong Laweyan

Actually Solo or Surakarta has two village centers of batik production art. Namely Kampong Laweyan and Kauman. Both of these  are adjacent village. But because of some reason Kampung Laweyan more popular. Travelers always makes Kampung Laweyan as a prime destination for hunting batik.

Solo batik art can not be separated from the village of Laweyan. Because in this village life of Solo batik’s industry is located. Laweyan is an old village that has been existed since the Kingdom of Pajang (15681-1586), the first Islamic kingdom in Java. And then, in the progress Pajang kingdom eventually defeated by  Mataram Kingdom. In the periode two  kingdoms,  Laweyan Kampong  remained existed as Batik producer, even to this day, the old village is even more popular as a village center in Surakarta batik production.

If you travel  to Kampong Laweyan, you will find hundreds of motif. Motif Jarik (long cloth usually worn by woman as traditional dress) with motif of  Truntun  and Tirto Tejo is the main characteristic of  jarik Laweyan. Even more interesting in the village is now equipped with facilities to provide education and training to learn and how to draw batik. So you not only see and buy batik as souvenirs, but you also can try to make batik  by your own by hand.

With such an arrangement, it's no wonder that many tourists, mainly from  Netherlands, America  and Japan visited the village of Laweyan. Indonesia batik can be more popular all over the world if some days there is an American or Dutch can draw and produce batik proficiently  after visiting  Kampung Batik Laweyan.

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