Cheap Hotels In Solo, One Choice to Enjoy Your Travelling

If you've ever travelled to  Bali, do not compare cheap lodging in Solo with the Poppies Bali inn which  located in one area. Because cheap lodging in Solo spread over in various places. And just for you know that cheap accommodation in Surakarta or Solo, the  facilities obtained only few. Maybe you will not get Air Condition on your room, but  fan only. However, it does not reduce comfort for the backpacker.
For example, at No. 530 Jalan Slamet Riyadi, there Hotel Mekar Sari that  costs Rp 75 thousand  (USD 7.8)  per night. The hotel is located near Solo Square, Slamet Riyadi Street, a strategic region in Solo. Moreover, there you can also enjoy the pedestarian in Solo City Walk.

Located 10 minutes from the airport and close to Adi Soemarmo Kartasura shopping centers, hotels Sadinah Kartasura the target of the tourists. This hotel renovated in 2011, Lodging Hotel Sadinah just 5.0 km from the city center, the strategic location of the hotel ensures that guests can quickly and easily reach all places of attractions. From this hotel you will be easy to go to the Museum Radya Pustaka, The Sriwedari Park, Bhineka Stadium. Rates at the hotel is Rp. 200 thousand  (USD 21) per night.

Meanwhile, around the Balapan Solo Railway Station there is a suitable  hotel for backpacker, or for you the traveler who want to spend lower cost of lodging.  Trihadi hotel  costs only Rp 65 thousand (USD 6.8) in one night. It is in  Monginsidi Street No. 97. The other hotel is Atina Hotel with the cheap tariff of  Rp 70 thousand (USD 7.3), in Setiabudi  Street No. 43. If you are already in Balapan Solo Railway station, soon order the rooms  in two hotel. Because you do not know that there are so many backpacker interested to stay there.

Around  Kampung Batik Laweyan, there is also a cheap hotel for overnight stay. Tiara Hotel in  Dr Puspita
Rajiman Street with  the price of Rp 90 thousand (USD 9.4) and Mangkuyudan Hotel in KH Samanhudi Street No. 84 with the price of Rp 95 thousand (USD 10) per night. In this  Batik  Kampong you can learn about making batik  and try to make it by yourself.  

There is also Wijaya Hotel on RM Said Street No. 268 Serengan with the price  Rp 75 thousand (USD 7.8) per night. The hotel is located in Solo Manahan Stadium and close to Park Balekambang.

This Hotel information can hopefully used  as a reference for traveller who were visiting or having plan to visit Solo. Although  some rooms of this cheap hotels are not overly spacious, but at least you can stay comfortably. Enjoy your travel to Solo and try your best to stay healthy.

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