Sukuh Temple, A Unique And Strange Temple in Surakarta

One more tourism object in Surakarta that is worthy to visit. It is a unique and strane temple, located in the village Sukuh Berjo, District Ngargoyoso, Karanganyar regency, Central Java.  Rock used different stones used to build the temple in Central Java. Rock on Sukuh somewhat reddish color type of andesite.This temple was first discovered in in 1815 by the Resident of Surakarta, Johnson. And then Some researches conducted by  Netherland  archaeologist to explore this temple.  Sukuh Temple, is a historical heritage temples, truncated pyramidal, "guarded" by the sculptures of diverse, and decorated with strange symbols.

Sukuh Temple was built partway up Mount Lawu, just a few km east of Solo,  during the Majapahit Kingdom period (15th century). Sukuh and Cetho Temple (another temple located near Sukuh) is a Hindu temple has statues and reliefs that depict the sexual organs of a man who is a symbol of fertility.

The Sukuh temple is a unique Hindu temple in Java, built in the late 15th century Majapahit kingdom era. Temple structure consisting of eight terrace that  has its own meaning and function. In 1928 a new restoration conducted by the Department of Antiquities.Entering Sukuh there are 3 and 3 Gate Terrace.  Sukuh has a truncated pyramid shape on top. When you travel to this temple and see the pyramid shape, what you see  will remain you to  the shape of a pyramid in Egypt, but there is a difference at the top. Visitors can climb at the top of the temple. On top of this temple, there is a kind of place to put offerings, incense, or flowers for religious rituals.

Sukuh open from 07:00 until 17:00. If you visit this place with your own vehicle, you must make a good preparation due to the way to reach the temple area is quite difficult.

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