Gamelan Orchestra, The Atmosphere of Nobility in Kusuma Sahid Prince Solo Hotel

Kusuma Sahid Prince Solo Hotel is 5 star hotel with 121 rooms in Surakarta. It is a unique hotel that  keeps the long history of Surakarta. This hotel used to be a noble residence. Therefore Kusuma Sahid Prince Solo Hotel has a traditional appeal of Java, with the quiet location outside the city center. If you stay at the hotel you will feel like in a party of different atmosphere , the nobility - princess palace complete with exotic java gamelan music.

The establishment of the Kusuma Sahid Prince Hotel Solo can not be separated from the Kraton of Surakarta Sultanate and Mangkunegaran Palace. These two magnificent palace is evidence of historic relics in the city of Solo. Keraton Kasunanan Surakarta Hadiningrat  built by Pakubuwono II after the palace in Kartasura destroyed by the Chinese rebellion in 1744.  In Surakarta Palace was then the king enthroned, from Pakubuwono II to Pakubuwono XII. Among the Kings in Keraton Surakarta,  Pakubuwono X reigned between the years 1893 to 1933 was the most successful kings who can reached its glory, where Surakarta be prosperous and well-known of the economic, social, cultural and arts especially Javanese culture and the development of Islam religion.

In 1909 th Prince Kanjeng Hadiwijoyo, son of Pakubuwono X build his residence "Ndalem Kusumoyudhan" with a mixture of Javanese and Dutch architecture. Housing complex with an area of ​​about 2 acres and built a room adapted to the use for the purposes of a prince and his family are great. Just for you know that at the time, almost all King in Java has so many wives. Even The King of  Pakubuwono X had 45 wives.

Atmosphere of nobility and gamelan orchestra and entertaining live music every night at the Grand Hall from the 19th century deliberately presented in this hotel, for your satisfaction. The hotel has a building "pavilion" traditional and some new modern wing. Overall this hotel exudes grandeur and tranquility. The rooms are elegant, spacious swimming pool and seafood dishes available that are appropriate for the nobles Javanese royal palace heyday.

Although Kusuma Sahid Prince Solo Hotel is located outside the city center, but is available free airport pickup and taxi available to take guests batik shop or to one of the shopping malls in Solo. Room rents are not too expensive for those of you who want to feel the atmosphere and unique, you are able to stay at this hotel with the money of Rp 650,000 or about $ 69 per night.

You only need fifteen minutes from the airport, about 15 KM, and 2 Km from railway Station  aand 2 Km from Bus Station

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