Cheap Traveling to Traditional Market in Solo

Life in the city of Surakarta is inseparable from the four major traditional markets. The four markets in Solo which  now instead become a tourism  attractions and  frequently visited by tourist, both local and foreign tourists. The fourt market are  Gede Market, Triwindu Market, Gading Market and Klitikan Market.

Pasar Gede (Big Market)  or Hardjanagara Market was built in 1929, and was inaugurated on January 12, 1930 in the reign Pakubowono X. Historically, this market called Market temple because there is a temple near the market. This market is the only market in Indonesia,  with two-story which spent 300 gulden. Pasar Gede is one of Netherland colonial style of architecture building, the  works of Herman Thomas Karsten, a renowned Dutch architect who made so many historical  buildings during the Dutch colonial  era. Not only in Solo, Herman Thomas Karsten also designed many buildings in other cities in central Java, including Pasar Johar Semarang. 

Gede Market is a traditional market that has historical value.  With the Dutch colonial era architecture, the market has its own uniqueness. The market is located in the heart of Solo. Many tourists visit  this market are from  Netherlands and Suriname. However the Dutch engagement with Indonesia's history  is very close.  Suriname, as one of the Dutch colony  have  Java native sent by the Dutch.The migration of Java people to Suriname on a large - scale from 1890 to 1939.Noted that t, 32,976 people moved to Suriname during the year. Although not all of them came from Java, but the majority of Indonesian people who migrate is Javanese. 

While the market is adjacent to Triwindu Mangkunegaran tourists visited because the merchandise being sold is an antique. Tourists are also fond of sightseeing or shopping on the antiquities market Triwindu. There a wide range of antiques for sale. The state of the market that comfortable making tourists feel at home and taking the time to stop by, 

Two other markets are often so the purpose of international travelers and the local markets Notoharjo Klitikan. This is because, the inhabitants of the market made up of diverse walks of life who lead the market, built in Clover offers goods too colorful. 
While the Gading (Ivory) Market, located just south of Kraton Surakarta has advantages in terms of construction and sales service. In the market, the process of trading takes traditional, but merchants as if selling in the mall or supermarket. The combination of traditional and modern elements in the Ivory Market. You can find so many thing like Batik, or other souvenir in a low price. Pasar Solo is a cheap travel.

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