Cetho Temple, The Resemblance of Ancient Aztec and Mayan Cultures of Central America

Cetho temple was built in the 15th century it was a Hindu-style temple. This temple is a relic of the Majapahit kingdom, a Hindu kingdom whose territory is very wide in its heyday. The mysterious thing about this relic is that Cetho temple shape has similarities with Mayan heritage building in Central America. Both temple have terraces and pyramidal shape. Both were also built in the hills or areas that are higher than surrounding areas.

The first scientific report about this temple made by a researcher from the Netherland, Van de Vlies in 1842.  Excavation (digging) for the purpose of reconstruction was first performed in 1928 by the Archaeological Department of the Dutch East Indies. Under the circumstances when the rubble started to study, this temple has the age that does away with Sukuh. Cetho temple located on the west slope of Mount Lawu, located on Sukuh. Locations Ceto temple located in the hamlet, village Gumeng, District Jenawi, Karanganyar district, at an altitude of 1400m above sea level.

Until now, the temple complex is used by the locals as a place of Hindu worship and popular as the hermitage for the original religion of Java or Kejawen. When the state discovered the stone ruins of this temple is the fourteen-story plain, stretching from the west (the lowest) to the east, although at just 13 rooms, and the restoration was carried out on nine terrace only. Structure the terraces will make allegations of native culture revival ("punden terraces") at that time, were synthesized with the Hindu religion. This assumption is reinforced by the shape of the body in relief like shadow puppets, similar to the depiction in Sukuh.
When you travel to Cetho Temple, you will be fascinated by the incredible beautiful natural scenery. The beauty of the wide tea plantation  area with typical cool of mountain fresh air. Two waterfalls will present a panorama of your own for travelers  who love the beauty of nature.

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