Enjoy Travelling By Old Dutch Train In Solo

In Indonesia, railway transportation  is the most popular vehicle. This  railway transportation first built in the Dutch colonial era. History of railways in Indonesia has been started since the 19th century in 1864 y on the island of Java. In that time  the train was growing rapidly,  in addition to public transport as well as freight commodities at the time considering many plantations  are opened by Dutch Colaonial Governments.Along with the development of technology, the train continues to change and grow .  Ancient train steam engine is now no longer operated.  Replaced with modern fast diesel or electricity train.

This old train gives an ancient and nostalgic atmosphere related with the old period of Dutch colonialsm. "Kluthuk Jaladara Train " I s an old-fashioned steam train in Solo, which is currently re-operated again. Of course train  is only used as a tourist train that can be rented by anyone who wants to reminisce, to feel the sensation of ancient impression of an old railway Dutch colonial era. The idea to revive this Jaladara Railway came from the Governor of Jakarta, Joko Widodo or better known as the Jokowi, when serving as mayor of Solo. The Trains has been the collection of Ambarawa Museum for years.

Jaladara C1218 is a locomotive, the locomotive type C12. C12 locomotive types are small and designed for short l destinations. This steam locomotive is a train with locomotive C1218.  C1218 locomotive was made in the Netherlands by Hartmann Chemnitz locomotive plant in 1986 and operated in the same year in Indonesia. The company operates is Staatspoorwegen or SS, the Dutch government-owned railway company.

Travel with ancient steam train departed from station of  Purwosari to Station of Solo City. Travel by steam train will take passengers Jaladara see the attraction in the form of Solo city centers, shopping centers and historical attractions. In an ancient train tour package, passengers will be treated to food and herbal medicine, and traditional musical performances and other entertainment during the trip.
This old train travelers continues to increase from time to time. Generally, tourist train passengers are from upper middle class. They are entrepreneurs who do business in Solo and foreign tourists who were traveling in Solo. The rate charged for passenger train travel is about $ 15 to $ 20 per person one way. There are also packages with a capacity of 70 passengers collectively worth $ 337. Do you really want to get a new experiences with old train? Just come and visit Solo.

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