Ki Matthew Cohen's "Lokananta, The Gamelan Playerless",, Wayang Kulit Show at University of York

Gamelan Gathering, an event successfully held in London, United Kingdom to commemorate 30 years of the existence of Gamelan Sekar  at the University of York. The event is supported by 200 people from 30 groups of gamelan music artists.

More than 200 artists from 30 groups in the UK Gamelan music Gamelan Gathering supported that event. In the event of  Gamelan Gathering there was  discussions and seminars and  the gamelan performances with puppet show of  UK puppeteer,  Ki Matthew Cohen at Roger Kirk Building, University of York, UK.  Although no special preparation for the puppet show entitled "Lokananta, The Gamelan Playerless", but the performance was  success.

All-night puppet show combines various musical instruments such as the bagpipes of the Scottish, Irish, drums, trumpet and music keroncong. Hundreds of people, including Ambassador to the United Kingdom Hamzah Thayeb and Mrs. Lastry Hamzah Thayeb and Education AttachĂ© Embassy in London Fauzi Soelaiman and his wife,   really enjoyed the show of Ki Matthew Cohen.

This Puppet show is actually  a media to strengthen relations between the two countries, in the field of culture. And even  such activities, concerts and performances were done by the musicians and the fans in the UK gamelan helped Indonesia to promote cultural tourism to the public in the UK.
York University is an institution in Britain that  first had a Javanese gamelan. Therefore, many professional gamelan players, teachers, and composers began their  career in gamelan music after being educated at York before making groups in Europian  countries

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