“Gatotkaca Kembar” , The Double Personality in Indonesia Traditional Cinematic Drama

Gatotkaca The Son Of Pandawa

After success with "Jabang Tetuko" in 2011.  Mirwan Suwarso back to work on the cinema drama performances in in 2012. Two drama "Ghatotkaca  Become The King" and "Arjuna Wiwaha" has been successfully held. While all three performances in 2012, Mirwan Suwarso presents a drama  "Ghatotkaca Twins".  This story tells about  a son of the gods envy the Pandawa’s . Then it make Ghatotkaca, the son of Pandawa must fight an unexpected enemy. He musf fight his own bad side which was transformed into the figure of twins.

In this drama a few Indonesian artists will come into play.  They are Tora Sudiro as Ghatotkaca,  Aqi Alexa as twin Ghatotkacha, Titi DJ as Arimbi and Volland Humonggio as Arjuna.  The interesting part of Mirwan Suwarso’s drama is the presence of two Hollywood stars, Camille Guaty and Max Morgan. Although not play as the main character in the drama, but their popularity will give more value to the work of Mirwan’s  drama in the mean of Indonesia tourism.

Who are these American star? .. Camille Guaty was born in 1978 and spent her childhood  in California and New Jersey. She began her career as a head cheerleader in the Disney Channel's, "Gotta Kick It Up," and soon after also joined the cast of the WB's "Raising Dad". After being in Hollywood for three years Camille moved  London. She studied on art of drama at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts. There she learned a lot of thing. She liked the works of William Sheakspeare.  Most recently seen in a staring role on "The Nine" for ABC. She has also established a recurring role on the FOX hit series "Prison Break", playing the love torn Maricruz. Camille also appeared on NBC's "Crossing Jordan"  in the recurring role of 'Detective Santana.'

According Renitasari, Program Director Bakti Culture - Djarum Foundation, the aim of this drama is appreciation of culture, so it will  encourage people to love the original culture of Indonesia. This show at least will be an introduction of Indonesia  minimal puppet characters as well as a very entertaining performance.

 "Ghatotkaca Twins" set forth a perspective of thinking that everyone has a bad side and it will not be eliminated, but we can try to control the bad side and sharpen the good side. What interesting story, it is about psychology,  a split of  personality.
"I am so happy that the three previous cinematic drama get a pretty good appreciation. This motivated me to bring Ghatotkaca Twins, "said Mirwan Suwarso.

Gatotkaca was a legendary puppet characters and exciting to be appointed in terms of both character and heroic profile. And of course the moral values of puppetry must be shown to the public for a comparison with the present conditions.

This performances that will be held at The Hall Senayan City, Jakarta, with a good music  entrusted to Aksan Sjuman. Symphonic metal musical arrangements and magnificent views to glue the feel and atmosphere that helps provide an understanding of the unity of the story to the audience

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