Germany, The Richest Tourist in The World

Is Germany  traveler the richest tourist?  Yes they are number one, because  Germany  travelers are  in the list of countries with travelers spend most money on tourism in 2012. The list is revealed  in the report of the United Nation's tourism World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) latest. In 2011, Germany received the same  title with  the total spending on tourism reached 84 billion U.S. dollars.
Tourists from the United States ranks next with spending reached 79 billion U.S. dollars, followed by China at 73 billion U.S. dollars.The spending of China has increased by 18 percent over the previous year.
 There’s changes occur in both Japan and Russia. Compared to last year, Russian tourists increased in the seventh. While Japan was down in ninth. This rank dropped due to the reduced number of tourists from Japan who travel abroad. The  tsunami in March 2011 give real impact  on Japan tourism after . They must recover economy and the ruin after that terrible disaster.
This report predicted that the international tourism market will continue to grow until 2030. Moreover, the increasing trend of 3.3 percent per year.It is projected  also that world tourist arrivals will reach 1.8 billion in 2030. Other predictions are countries whose economic  growth is good would be a more popular tourist destination than countries with advanced economies.

The list  of the traveler spend a lot of money (in U.S. dollars):
1. Germany 84.3
2. United States 79.1
3. China 72.6
4. England 50.6
5. France 41.7

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