The Walking "Wonderful Indonesia" at London Street

All country want to increase tourist visit. Unfortunately  some of them do not know how to promote their tourism so the the number of visitor, especially  foreign tourist  is very low. As a country that has so many object of tourism, Indonesia has a very good way to attract tourist to visit Indonesia.
The Ministry of Tourism and  Economy  of  Indonesia use  taxi to promote tourism in the City of London with a vehicle moving on. So if you were in London, you will find easily the black cab that promotes Wonderful Indonesia. There are 250 taxis becomes partner of Indonesia to promote tourism.  You can see the words "Pure Paradise" on the front side of the cab, then Wonderful Indonesia logo on the front door with the official tourism site addresses Indonesia, namely, as well as pictures of people surfing on the back of the cab door. It’ s so beautiful.

This promotional efforts initiated  by The Ministry of Tourism and  Economy  of  Indonesia  and Indonesia  Embassy in London to attract British tourists. Promotion was also related  with an exhibition in the world's second largest tourism, the World Tourism Market 2012 (WTM 2012). The event took place at the Excel London, England, on 5 to 8 November 2012.
There are many ways to promote Indonesian tourism abroad, ranging from television, the internet, advertising billboards, to exhibitions or festivals.

The advertisement at London taxi booking campaigns through the media in an effort to strengthen the image of Indonesia in key markets, particularly in the UK.
This method is actually the second conducted in London and is expected to be effective for the commencement of the existence of Indonesia's role as Official Partner Country of ITB Berlin 2013. Indonesia is targeting around 200,000 tourists from the UK to visit  the archipelago.
There are many ways to promote tourism abroad, ranging from television,  internet, advertising billboards, to exhibitions or festivals and even using public transportation. But it will be better if you give special  tips to the driver, so they will give more explanation about the advertisement on their vehicle.

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