Gudeg Rice and Other Special Food of Yogyakarta

If you have ever been to Jogja, Nasi Gudeg probably already familiar to you. Gudeg is typical rice of Yogyakarta. You may find this rice in other areas in Indonesia, but people will still think that Nasi Gudeg is rice belong to Yogyakarta.  Actually not just culinary Jogja Gudeg.  There are also some culinary that  always become  favorite aime for tourists. Some of them even bring such a feeling of wanting to try it again. Of course, this feeling arises for us who have never tasted  before and after a period of time no longer eat it again.
Some Special Foods of Jogja are:

Kipo. Kipo
It is the is typical food  of Kotagede, small and wrapped in banana leaves.  Skin kipo green with brown sugar filling. Dough wrapped in banana leaves that have been given contains palm sugar then grilled over cobek.Harum pandan and supple skin of a savory glutinous rice flour mixed with the sweetness of sugar. 

Sego Pecel.
"Sego" is the Java language for rice, vegetables certainly pecel with peanut sauce. This simple dish is always able to make the audience longing to eat again. The key is in the peanut sauce. Sego Pecel (Jogja people often call SGPC) Bu Wiryo could be one of the places to eat to enjoy sego pecel. Its location in the complex still Gajah Mada University (UGM) and has existed since 1959.

Ggudeg is always arouse our appetite.  It was a legit with a savory blend of coconut milk. Young jackfruit cooked with coconut milk for hours until thick and discolored. To the point, if you do not have time to eat, gudeg was wrapped to be a souvenir. It is  often purchased to take home  and usually can be durable if wrapped with kendil or clay jug.
Typical dry Gudeg  contains duck egg, kampong chicken, and “sambal krecek”.  Because of the bestselling, daytime often gudeg in this place is over. 

Sate Klathak.
First time enjoying satay klathak, should not be surprised by the appearance of satai skewers that looked hideous. Yes, the spokes of a bicycle made of iron used as skewers. Sate Klathak could be found in Bantul. The meat used is usually a young goat meat that has been seasoned with salt and a little pepper, no extra soy sauce and other seasonings. So simple but instead issued fresh original taste of mutton.

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