Souvenir of Wayang Kulit

As one of Indonesia's cultural heritage leather puppets which on November 7, 2003 has been recognized as a UNESCO cultural works, there are a variety of efforts to preserve the existence this work art by wayang kulit  lovers. In Yogyakarta, for example, we can get a shadow puppet for souvenirs in various forms. This souvenir is suitable for  your home or office interior decoration. If you are a fan of art, you have to get at least one form of puppet souvenir for your collection.
Beatiful for house interior

Souvenir of wayang kulit made ​​of buffalo leather and buffalo horn. Most craftsmen in Yogyakarta is a fan art of puppet who has been acquainted with the world of puppets since their childhood. So the puppet making business they are doing is actually a form of participation as well as to help preserve the art and culture of wayang kulit, so  that the younger generations will not  forget this  traditional arts and culture of Indonesia.

One of the craftsmen, Sagio the one of only a few Yogyakarta-style wayang kulit (leather shadow puppet) craftsmen who has managed to survive difficult times. He have learnt about shadow puppet craftsmanship from his father, when his age 11 years.  Sagio profoundly love  wayang throughout his entire life.

It’s wayang that has enabled him to tour the world to introduce the Indonesian art. But it’s also wayang that makes him feel sad and anxious. He  keep crafting wayang kulit because he love it. Wayang has helped him survive. So  now it’s his turn to preserve it.

Sagio lives in Gendeng hamlet in Bangunjiwo Kasihan, Yogyakarta. The village is known as a center of leather puppet makers. During the area’s wayang heyday between 1988 and 1997, more than 150 wayang makers could be found there. The hilly area teemed with tourists from Holland, France, America, Germany, Australia and Japan.

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