Wayang Kulit Show in France

Wayang Kulit or shadow puppet (leather puppet) show was not only held in London, England. In some European countries, like Netherlands, Spain and Italy have also held a shadow puppet show. As in France, the leather puppet show witnessed hundreds of city residents successfully held. The show  held at the lake, in a field of the city seen by all people.

It was a full moon night. The audience who had never seen shadow puppets  before were firstly  just come for their  curiousity. But then after a while watching the leather puppet, they even can enjoy  this one of Indonesia's high culture works.
Group puppet "Wilis Prabowo"  with  the chief Widodo that came at the invitation of the Indonesian ambassador to France does have a mission,  to introduce Indonesian culture in France. The puppet show, unfortunately  did not fully use French language, but the audience  not find it difficult to understand the story of the Ramayana through  some  dialogue translated in French.

Lailly En Val, France, was so enthusiastic about the show that is not common in the city.  Tthey came to an arena show at the lake in their  town.
This Shadow puppets  goup come from  Wonogiri, Central Java, was accidentally aswked Indonesian Embassy to introduce Indonesian culture.  Apart from performing wayang kulit this  java leather puppets group  also held a workshop, introduction and training of shadow puppets and Javanese gamelan at several schools and nursing homes. Such activities  got good enthisiasism from people around the school expressed appreciation , even some of them demonstrate their  skill by playing shadow puppets and gamelan.

Mayor Lailly en Val, Yves Fichou, along with members of the City Council, Claude Bourdin, and the Regional Council, Agnes Quatrehomme, expressed his appreciation at the closing of the cultural activities Wilis Prabowo shadow puppet group at City Hall. They expressed their appreciation to the Embassy in Paris and the group Wilis Prabowo wayang kulit shadow puppets were introduced, and gamelan musicians to city residents.

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