Wayang Show in Germany

Museum Folkwang Essen, Germany. The Wayang Kulit or puppet show has not begun yet.  Dr. Lydia Kieven deliver his speech about  the culture of Indonesia,  especially related with puppet origin contained in the reliefs of temples were established in the heyday of Buddhist and Hindu kingdoms such as Borobudur and Prambanan temples and various natural beauty of the island as well Java. Indonesia has so many cultural tourism that can be explored. He also praised the Indonesian people with their  high tolerance, so that Indonesia can be a harmonious society though different tribes and religions. It's good exposure, especially for German people who have not much to know the character of the Indonesian.

That night hundreds of people of Essen, Germany really had a good puppet show. It  was held at the Museum Folkwang Essen, one of the famous Art Museum in Germany, successfully bringing the play "Bima Suci” ( The Saint Bima).

The puppet show that night accompanied by gamelan from three countries, Indonesia, Germany and the United States, The group of  puppet Margi Budoyo for two hours, beginning at eight to 10 pm are deliberately using dialogue in German so that the audience can follow the story very well. The story brought the The Saint Bima with the puppeteer Ki Maharsi , presented in humor that makes the audience laugh.
The audience for the first time witnessed the puppet show, admitted impressed by the creativity and agility of Ki Maharsi accompanied by gamelan music and singing of “Sindhen” (singer who sing in Puppet show)  Mrs. Elly Event. She is a "sindhen" of Margi Budoyo. In the play the Saint Bima, there’s  philosophy of life presented, the unification of the Creator and His Creation.

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