Healthy Tourism For Healthier Life

At early morning my friend, a blogger, visited to my house. We had a little discussion while drinking coffee on the porch. He began to ask me, “What is healthy tourism? It is your blog isn’t it?”
Actually this question is really simple and easy to answer. But if we want to expand the study on healthy tourism, of course this question will turn out to be a difficult question and requires more extensive answer .
Borobudur Temple of Indonesia

“So what exactly is a healthy tourism”

“Is it healthy travel, we do recreation for health reasons, finding a good treatment in a better hospital?”

“Is it healthy travel, to go to a place where we can see the production herbs process?”

“Is it healthy travel, when we go travelling  and then back home in good health?”
Yeah ... you know the answer!  You are absolutely right, that’s what healthy tourism mean.  On the bottom line is we go travel ling and become  healthier  because of the  journey.
He asked me again,”But is it still healthy travel  category if we travel for entertainment?”
Why not?  Because healthy in this case not only the physical aspects.
Looking for entertainment is healthy  for our spiritual, but with one condition, the one we  look for is a good healthy entertainment.

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