The Yogyakarta Palace; The Museum of Javanese Culture

Keraton Ngayogyakarta Hadiningrat,  today  known as  Keraton Yogyakarta or  Yogyakarta Sultan's Palace is the center of Javanese culture living museum in Yogyakarta special province. The palace is not just a place to live for  king and his family, but also a center of Javanese cultural development, as well as the spirit of the culture. In this place tourists can learn and see how Javanese culture continues to live and preserved. This Keraton has been built by Prince of Mangkubumi in 1755, a few months after the signing of the Treaty Giyanti. Despite hundreds of years old and was damaged in the earthquake a few years ago, the building remained standing with sturdy and well maintained.

Some tourists  from  Canada, America, and  Australia and Europe Country are all in silence listening the song of "tembang macapat", they occasionally seen taking pictures. "Tembang macapat"  that sung in the Java language by the servants of keraton may not be understood by most foreign tourists, even  for some local tourists, but that does not mean they can not enjoy it.

Visiting the Sultan's Palace will provide valuable experience as well as impressive. There are two entrances to the keratin, the first in Tepas Keprajuritan g (front North Square) and in Tepas Pariwisata /Tourism (Regol Keben). There are many things that can be seen in the Sultan's Palace, from the activities of the servants of keraton who are doing the job or see the collection of Keraton. Collections are stored in glass boxes that are scattered in various rooms ranging from ceramics and glassware, weapons, photographs, miniatures and replicas, to various types of batik and the diorama of the  manufacturing process. In addition, tourists can also enjoy the performing arts with a different schedule each day. The show was started of people puppet (wayang wong) , macapat, leather puppet  (wayang kulit)show, and java traditional dances. To enjoy art performances travelers do not need to spend additional costs. If you are lucky,  coming on Tuesday,  you can watch the festival of  "jemparingan" or archery style of the south Kemandhungan Mataraman. The uniqueness of this festival is that all participant is required to wear traditional Javanese clothes and shooting their archery  in a sitting position

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