Panjang Bengkulu Beach

Panjang Bengkulu Beach Attractions very exotic with white sand stretching over 7 km pristine will inspire greatness can open the almighty creator. The beach is located on the western city of Bengkulu. To reach the location which is only 1.5 km from the city center can be reached by riding Sado or Delman which is a traditional transport in the city of Bengkulu.

Bengkulu - Beach Panjang

As I scour the beach we can enjoy the Sunset in the afternoon. recreational activities or beach tour can be done such as water sports and beaches, sea, sunset view, family recreation and out bound.

panjang bengkulu

Around the beach to easily find other accomodations with many relatively affordable prices. Along the coast, we can also enjoy typical dishes of Bengkulu. happy visiting there, you also can go to Central Java Temple .

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