From Yogyakarta, Georgetown, Kinabalu and Ipoh

Yogyakarta’s  government and the government  city of Georgetown, Ipoh Kinabalu  agreed to cooperate in tourism. Such cooperation would increase the number of foreign tourists visitis to those four cities.
In addition, by working together like this, between the four cities; Yogyakarta, Georgetown, Ipoh and  Kinabalu Malaysia, they  can learn  and provide input for the development of the tourism sector so that it can thrive and support each other.

Agreement will then be followed up with a request for approval to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Indonesia.

While Georgetown Mayor Dato 'Ismail Patahiyah said, Yogyakarta and Georgetown have their advantages and disadvantages in the field of tourism. So by signing  this agreement, both cities will  work together for the better results.

"The Cities working together has been very strong, through this cooperation the four cities can help each other," he said.

The mayor of Kinabalu Madingkir Abidin said that Yoyakarta have advantages in tourism compared to other cities in Indonesia. Cultural tourism is the advantage of Yogyakarta. Therefore, Kinabalu  one of city in Sabah must  learn a lot in Yogyakarta about  this Cultural Tourism. He added that because of  Kinabalu has a wealth of tropical forests and marine tourism it  relies on the "eco tourism" as main product of tourism.

Malaysia Tourist Arrivals in Yogyakarta is quite high, even tourists visiting Malaysia was ranked third after the Netherlands and Japan the most visited Yogyakarta. Besides traveled cultural and culinary tourism in Yogyakarta also has potential is quite large. And to further increase tourist visits to Yogyakarta, or to Georgetown, Ipoh, Kinabalu and it must be considered to make additional direct flights from Yogyakarta to Kuala Lumpur.

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